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The following chart contains virtually every set issued between 1886 and 1930 in which baseball cards (or coupons redeemable for baseball cards) were inserted into cigarette boxes or tobacco packs. Information in the chart is organized as follows.

  • The first column contains the year of manufacture of the set.
  • The second column contains the American Card Catalog (ACC) number assigned to the set by Jefferson Burdick.
  • The third column contains the size of the pack in which the baseball cards were originally inserted. For example, if a baseball card was packaged inside a cigarette box, the number of cigarettes (or "size") of the cigarette box is provided. If the baseball card was packaged in a tobacco pack, the type of tobacco product is provided.
  • The fourth column provides details on the configuration / style of the cigarette or tobacco pack.
  • Lastly, the fifth column contains the manufacturer of the set. Each “name” in this fifth column is an active link. When you click on the link, a new page will open that contains a detailed scan of the cigarette box or tobacco pack that the baseball card was packaged in, a detailed scan of the baseball card itself, a general overview of the set, a general overview of the cigarette box or tobacco pack, and the approximate value of the cigarette box or tobacco pack.

    Please note: The chart below is organized alphabetically by ACC#.
    Sets that do not have an assigned ACC number have been organized chronologically and appear at the end of the chart.

    Year ACC # Pack Size Pack
      Set Manufacturer

    1912C46UNKUNK Imperial Tobacco
    1888N2810Slide & Shell Allen & Ginter
    1889N2910Slide & Shell Allen & Ginter
    1888N4320Clam Shell Allen & Ginter
    1888N16210Slide & Shell Various
    1886N16710Slide & Shell Old Judge
    1887-90N17210Slide & Shell Old Judge
    1888-89N17310Slide & Shell Various (Cabinets)
    1887N17510Slide & Shell Gypsy Queen
    1888N18410Slide & Shell W. S. Kimball
    1887N284UNKUNK Buchner Gold Coin
    1895N300ScrapLunchbox Tin Mayo's Cut Plug
    1896N301ScrapPouch Mayo's Die-Cut
    1888N32110Slide & Shell Hess Calif. League (Color)
    1888N33310Slide & Shell Hess Newsboy League
    1888N338-110Slide & Shell Hess Calif. League
    1888N338-210Slide & Shell Hess Big League
    1888N352UNKUNK Consolidated Cigarette
    1887N37010Slide & Shell Lone Jack
    1888N403ScrapTin Yum Yum Tobacco
    1889N526UNKUNK Number 7 Cigar
    1887N690UNKBox Kalamazoo Bats
    1887N690-1UNKBox Kalamazoo Bats
    1887N693UNKBox Kalamazoo Bats
    1909-10S7410Various Various
    1912S8110Clam Shell Turkish Trophies
    1910-11T310Clam Shell Various
    1911T410Slide & Shell Obak
    1911T5UNKUNK Pinkerton Tobacco Company
    1913T200100Tin Fatima
    1911T20110Slide & Shell Mecca
    1912T20210Slide & Shell Hassan
    1909T20410Clam Shell Various
    1911T205VariousVarious Various (Gold Borders)
    1909-11T206VariousVarious Various (White Borders)
    1912T207VariousVarious Various (Brown Backgrounds)
    1911T208ScrapUNK Cullivan's Fireside Scrap Tobacco
    1910T20910Slide & Shell Contentnea
    1910T21010Slide & Shell Old Mill
    1910T21110Slide & Shell Red Sun
    1909-11T21210Slide & Shell Obak
    1910-19T21310Slide & Shell Coupon Cigarettes
    1915T214UNKUNK Victory Tobacco
    1910-13T215VariousVarious Various
    1911-14T216VariousVarious Peoples Tobacco
    1910-11T21710Slide & Shell Mono Cigarettes
    1914T222100Tin Fatima
    1912T227ScrapPouch Various
    1922T23110Slide & Shell Fans Cigarettes
    1914T330-210Slide & Shell Piedmont
    1911T33210Clam Shell Helmar
    1886--ScrapUNK Lorillard Tobacco
    1887--UNKUNK Four Base Hits Tobacco
    1888--UNKUNK Sporting Extra Cigarettes
    1893--UNKUNK Just So Tobacco
    1909--10Slide & Shell Derby Cigars
    1910--ScrapPouch Plow Boy Tobacco
    1933--UNKUNK Worch Cigar

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