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Terms of Purchase

  • In order to purchase an item, please contact me. I will do my best to keep this page updated with current information. The last update to this page was on 8/1/15.
  • All items are described to the best of my ability. All major flaws will be noted and disclosed.
  • For the most part, dimensions of the packs/tins for sale are not given in the description. Please contact me for dimensions if needed.
  • Please contact me should you desire additional photographs of an item for sale.
  • Should you be unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return it for a full refund within two weeks of receiving your item (so long as it is received back in the same condition as sold).
  • Payment can be made by either check or money order. In limited circumstances, Paypal will also be accepted.
  • All prices do include shipping and insurance charges for US shipping. Please contact me to determine shipping charges to your location outside of the US.

    1889 Dogs Head Cigarette Box (Related to N173)

    Extremely rare 1889 Dogs Head Cigarette Pack w/ inner slide and complete tax stamp. Issued alongside the N172 Old Judge Cigarettes series from 1888 to 1889, N173 cabinets were redeemable via coupons packaged in Dogs Head cigarette boxes such as the one pictured here.

    Price: $300.

    Circa 1907 Sovereign Cigarettes Unopened 10-count Pack

    T206 cards bearing a Sovereign back advertisement were packaged in 10-count slide & shell boxes of Sovereign Cigarettes. This pack predates the card issuance by a few years (circa 1907), but its complete and unopened!

    Price: $200.

    Circa 1910 Sovereign Cigarettes Unopened 8-count Pack

    T206 cards bearing a Sovereign back advertisement were packaged in 10-count slide & shell boxes of Sovereign Cigarettes. This pack is from circa 1911, so right in the middle of the issuance of the T206 set. This is an 8-count pack, so would not contain a card - but its complete and unopened!

    Price: $250.

    1910 Obak Pack (T212)

    Issued between 1909 and 1911 by the American Tobacco Company in California, the T212 set is broken into three series and contains a total of 426 cards, all of which depict West Coast minor league players. The cards were packaged inside slide and shell 10 count packs of Obak Cigarettes identical to the one for sale above. Almost certainly, the pack above once contained a card! Complete with its inner slide (but empty).

    Price: $200.

    1910 Drum Tobacco Pouch - Sister-Product to Drum Cigarettes (T-205 and T-206 Distribution)

    I recently came across a small find of original Drum Tobacco pouches. All of the pouches are empty and vary in condition. However, the best part of this grouping is every single pouch dates to 1910 (original tax stamps are in tact for the most part). The Drum tobacco pouches did not contain the T-205 and T-206 baseball cards. They were made by the ATC as a sister product to Drum cigarette packs (which did contain the cards). Currently, there are no known Drum cigarette packs from the time period and only one Drum cigarette pack overall known to exist. The graphics from the Drum tobacco pouch are most likely identical to that of the cigarette pack. Most Drum pouches that you see today date to the 1920s. Again, these date to 1910 which puts them squarely in the T-206 era. Please email me for detailed scans of the Drum pouches I still have available for sale. Prices vary depending on condition but most pouches are in the $10.00 - $70.00 price range.

    Price: Varies.

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