1896 MAYO'S DIE CUT N301

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Issued in 1896 by the Mayo Tobacco Works, this was Mayo’s second baseball issue. The set is quite rare, but relatively undesirable. This is due largely in fact to the cards being small and unrepresentative of actual baseball players. However, these cards are some of the toughest to find in strong condition mainly because they were printed on brittle paperboard stock. They were meant to be placed on a stand and used in a game. The diamond and grandstand were available via mail request. A total of 28 cards are in this set.

It is believed these cards were packaged inside the small packages of Mayo Cut Plug Tobacco as opposed to the “lunch pales” the N300’s were packaged in. These packs are somewhat common to find, and are usually pretty inexpensive, depending on condition.

Approximate value of a Mayo's pack would be $50.00.