1910-ll T3

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This set is one of the most popular sets of all the cabinet issues. The beautiful color, design, and photos, as well as the rarity of this set, make them a favorite among today’s collectors. Issued in 1911 by the American Tobacco Company, these premiums were redeemable by mailing in 10 coupons from 10-count clam shell boxes of Turkey Reds Cigarettes (pictured above), or 25 coupons from either 10-count slide & shell boxes of Old Mill Cigarettes or 10-count xlam shell boxes of Fez Cigarettes. In exchange for the coupons, the collector would receive one T3 card. The complete set features 131 cabinet cards; 103 of these cards are of baseball players.

Approximate value of a Turkey Red Cigarettes box would be $125.00.
Approximate value of a Fez Cigarettes box would be $150.00+.
Approximate value of an Old Mill Cigarettes box would be $275.00+.