1888 N162

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This was the third and final issue of baseball cards by the Goodwin & Company of New York. The cards were produced in 1888. The set consists of 50 total cards including baseball players and other subjects. As done with Goodwin's previous issues, cards were packaged inside 10-count slide & shell boxes of Old Judge Cigarettes and Gypsy Queen cigarettes. As previously discussed in connection with the N175 issue Gypsy Queen Cigarette boxes are extremely scarce with only three documented examples in existence.

Approximate value of an empty Old Judge Cigarettes box dating from 1888 would be $450.00.
Approximate value of an empty Gypsy Queen CIgarettes box dating from 1888 would be $2500.00+.

The Gypsy Queen Cigarettes box pictured above is from the private collection of Leon Luckey.