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T216s were issued by the Peoples Tobacco Company between 1911 and 1914. Players depicted in the set are from the American, National and Federal leagues. There are three different brands of cigarettes advertised on the backs of the T214s; Kotton Cigarettes (three different back designs), Mino Cigarettes and Virginia Extra Cigarettes.

At this time, I have been unable to locate 1911-era packs of any of the three cigarette brands. This is likely due to the limited distribution of the brands. Pictured above, however, are packs of Kotton and Virginia Extra dating to approximately 1922. Also, the Mino pack pictured above is from a 1932 Mino Cigarettes advertisement sign. While all three of these images are not of “period” packs, I believe that graphics from the period packs would be identical to those images depicted above. Lastly, it is worth noting that I have been unable to determine the configuration of Kotton, Mino or Virginia Extra packs. Based on the relatively poor condition of surviving T216s, it seems plausible that all three brands were a soft pack configuration as opposed to a slide & shell.

Should you have any information regarding this set, please contact me.

The images of the Kotton, Mino and Virginia Extra cigarette packs above have been provided by Richard Wong and are part of his private collection.