1888 YUM YUM N403

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This set of unique baseball cards was issued in 1888 by August Beck & Company of Chicago, IL. The cards include two types of fronts; studio photo portraits and full-length action line drawings similar to those used in the Old Judge N172 set. Measuring 1-3/8" X 2-3/4", these tobacco cards were inserted into Yum Yum brand chewing tobacco tin.

Early Yum Yum tobacco tins are virtually impossible to locate. The one pictured above was offered for at auction many years ago. The exact whereabouts of the tin are currently unknown and I have been unable to locate another tin since then. Affixed to the outside of the Yum Yum tin is a label that reads “Cards are placed at the bottom of the Box.”

Approximate value of a Yum Yum tin (with card disclosure) would be $1250.00+.