1910 RED SUN T211

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This obscure set was produced in 1910 by the American Tobacco Company and packaged inside Red Sun Cigarettes. The set totals 75 cards of players from the Southern Association teams. The backs of these cards show an advertisement for Red Sun Cigarettes as well as a "sunburst" type pattern with the words "First Series 1 to 75 Subjects". There were, however, no other series ever produced.

Above is one of only 2 Red Sun cigarette packs I have ever seen, albeit the one depicted actually predates the T-211 issue by a few years. In fact, until May 2011, no period Red Sun cigarette pack had ever been seen (although a remake of the cigarette pack had been produced in the 1980s using similar graphics to what the original boxes have). Red Sun cigarette boxes are extremely rare to find.

Approximate value of an empty box would be $500.00+.